Changes May be Made to the Requirements of the Hathaway Scholarship

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. Wyoming senators advance a bill Thursday which would allow students to substitute foreign language courses with career technical education.

“One of the key drivers to doing that is workforce development, skilled workforce development that there’s a severe shortage of across the state today.” Said Senator Hank Coe.

Senate Education Committee members heard testimony from group Senator Coe says he’s never seen in front of the committee before.

Though changes would incentivize high school students who take CTW classes such as computer coding or welding, the bill's opponents don't want it to come at the expense of taking a foreign language.

“When universities across the country say that they don’t need language anymore. When that’s not one of their recommended requirements for application, the University of Wyoming includes that. When they move away from that, then it’s perfectly reasonable for the State of Wyoming to go with that trend.” Said Senator Chris Rothfuss.

Rothfuss says there is room in the high school curriculum for CTE and two years of foreign language classes.

Senators will have another chance to change the bill before they vote again on Monday.