CentrePointe Grand Opening Celebration

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After renovating the former Star Apartments building, CentrePointe apartments are now the center of attention.

50 housing units are available after stripping the building of everything minus the exterior and the support column.

A long and arduous process both physically and financially.

"The House Authority had approached the council in 2013 and requested $480,000 for the abatement which was granted," says Casper City Councilman Amanda Huckabay. "Once the abatement was completed they used that money to leverage the tax credit program in place."

The finished product is rewarding, and will benefit Downtown Casper.

Councilman Huckabay added, "I think that this is the first step that is going to help other residential properties come in as well; that thriving downtown we've been working [on] for so many years."