Celebrating the CMAs of Wyoming

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Each day brings something to celebrate, from national taco day, to donut day, to garden meditation day. Today, Certified Medical Assistants get their recognition. CMAs have a lot of responsibilities, but for them, it's all just part of the job.

Whether it’s drawing blood, scheduling appointments, or changing dressings; medical assistants have a good amount of duties to perform. But for them, helping the patient is the ultimate goal.

"Our providers are pretty consistently thanking their medical assistants,” said Vanessa McDaniel, Director of Nursing & Quality. “Bringing them cards, giving them their coffee, things like that."

With today honoring all certified medical assistants, staff at places like Community Health Centers of Central Wyoming is making sure that their hard workers know they are appreciated.

But some feel they already get plenty of appreciation throughout the year.

"I've had people bring me in flowers,” said Tamara Ludiker, a Certified Medical Assistant. “It's just those little things that just reassure you that what I'm doing here matters and making a difference in people's lives."

For any students studying in the medical field, or for anyone that inspires to help others, a long road of studies will pay off.

"Don't give up because there is going to be a lot of bumps in the road where you're going to second guess what you know you want to do,” said Ludiker. “And if you have that passion for this job; that is what we need."

Reasons for wanting to be involved with the medical field vary, but everyone has their own story.

"I believe I entered the medical field due to the interest that occurred after an injury that I sustained that allowed me to understand the process by which people got better," mentioned Dr. Karl Radke, Chief Medical Officer of CHCCW.

"I actually almost cut the tip of my finger off when I was a kindergartner and I ended up in the emergency room having to have it sewn back on,” recalls McDaniel. “At that moment, I thought it was the neatest thing I'd ever seen and from that point on I thought I wanted to be a doctor."

Even though you may only interact with a c-m-a for a few minutes, but behind the scenes involves much more than meets the eye.

For the state of Wyoming, a person does not necessarily need a certification to be a CMA; however, having the degree under your belt is a huge boost, giving you an advantage when applying for a position.

Another way staff at Community Health Centers of Central Wyoming is honoring their medical assistants is by posting bios and fun facts on social media.