Baby Returns Home

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About a week ago pictures surfaced online of a severely wounded dog in Casper with no clear indication of how the injuries occurred.

News 13's Sam Wright spoke with the owners about the dog's condition and how the family is doing.

It will be a long road to recovery for the dog we've come to know as Baby.

However, with the support group she has at home there's a reasonable chance for everyone in the family to overcome this scare.

Life for animals at the Brehmer residence is nothing short of perfect with room to roam, friends to play with and plenty of adoration from the family.

The bonds are tight and it's easy to understand why everyone is happy to see Baby after a gruesome injury last week.

Baby’s owner Ron Brehmer shared, “I came through the gate to greet the dogs as I normally do, and they weren't acting normal. I instantly could see blood everywhere."

The source of the injury is still ambiguous but this much was clear, decision to save Baby or put her down had to be made fast.

The yard where Otis and many of his other companions come to play is almost like a dream come true for many of the dogs. The area is so safe that it's surprising to see this type of incident happen to Baby.

With costs into the tens of thousands, Brehmer and his family sought help through a go fund me page on Facebook.

"It actually hit ten thousand within the first twenty four hours!"

The donations, coupled by support from other groups aware of the situation has given the family and Baby hope.

Dallas Smith shared, “Now she's not going to be the same afterwards, but for the community of Casper to pull together for a small family, that's Casper. That's my Wyoming, that's my home."

Brehmer said it's hard to buy into a hit and run since Baby and the other dogs have grown up around trailers and other vehicles.

Also that he and his neighbors can't recall a time when his dogs got loose or caused trouble.

He also expressed his gratitude towards supporters that helped raise funds for Baby's medical care.