Casper the Most Boring City in the State? People Disagree

Casper is the most boring city to live in, this according to a “Business Insider” sideshow and article.

Some locals disagree and told News 13's why our Wyoming city is great.

A recent slide show of the most boring cities from each state was published by Business Insider, an online travel publication.

Casper City Councilman Jesse Morgan fought back against the article, “Completely inaccurate in terms of how I see it, because the things to do in Casper has increased exponentially especially. When I was a younger person, to where we are at now."

John Giantonio at Visit Casper shared, “Well, it’s important to get your statistics right when you're reporting and some of these statistics don't really add up to Casper directly."

The numbers used in the slide show are not correct and could have likely been pulled from SIRI but we cannot confirm where their data came from.

Giantonio said all of the statistics used in the sideshow were below the real numbers.

He is an outdoor enthusiast and Casper supporter.

He said Casper is not boring to live in.

"there’s boating, there’s recreation there’s fishing there's tubing, kayaking; there’s all sorts of fun happening throughout the Summer, especially up on the mountain the summer and winter sports that go on up there not only mountain biking in the summer but fat biking in the winter. There’s snow showing, nordic skiing, downhill skiing and snow machining."

He said even the restaurants in Casper are exclusive and far from boring.

"They are representative of a great unique experience that you can only get here in Casper."

News 13 emailed and called Business Insider staff to check their findings and check on their statistics, however no one could be reached.

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