Casper Women Making A Difference

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Wednesday was International Women's Day. Some women went on strike others celebrated.

News 13's Justin Roth tells us how women in Casper celebrated.

My story highlights three amazing but different women making a difference not just today, but everyday in our community.

From Europe to the Washington women across the planet celebrate International Women's Day.... But here in Casper it's just another day of doing good work.

Kenyne Humphrey is the Mayor of Casper she says, "I thinks its an honor to recognize women although I will say I believe women are very humble and so for me today is a day to work and make a difference everyday."

Carisse Ludwig started her own business here in Casper, Brush44 Designs, and now donates her time and money to help women she said, "I never really had that in me I kind of just did it as a hobby and it became a passion of mine and so I like to donate those pieces to whoever can use them or to raise money for women with cancer or along the lines of that"

Lugwig believes empowering women is important. But volunteering is just another way of showing the community how much women care about the future of Casper. Maimie Sleep is a Marketer for ServPro and spends much of free time volunteering. "There's people out there that are less fortunate than I am, and being able to help them you know let them know that there's people out there that care and try to find solutions are ways to make things easier for others."

All three of our women agree Casper has come a long way in women equality. Sleep adds, "I think we've come leaps and bounds from where it used to be before women weren't able to vote or they were just suppose to like be in the home and cook" And Humphrey says, "Sometimes were just in the background and maybe were not that vocal but we are always in somewhere having a hand making things happen and women just bring a different style a different organization and maybe a different perspective from a creative stand point a mother stand point."

But there's still work to do. Ludwig adds, "I feel like in our day and age women are so looked on as you have to be a certain size or do a certain thing or be a certain somebody and I really feel like we shouldn't waste time battling ourselves over that."

And even with a day celebrating women's achievements many stay humble no matter what adding, "What I do myself I would like to say nothing but evidently people think I do." So although some people don't like the spotlight, its women making a difference in our community.

One of the best parts about interviewing these three women is none of them thought they were doing something special. It's simply what they wanted to do and felt was the right thing to do.