Casper Teenager Starts Drive to Help Homeless Teens

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CASPER, Wyo. About 25 homeless teens will receive everyday items this month because of one local teen organized a collection at her church.

"I got into contact with someone from the school district who was able to supply me with a number of how many teens were homeless... so they gave me the number 25." Said Alijah John. "There are probably more but the only ones that have been registered there are only 25 of them so more gifts are most certainly welcome."

Alijah categorized homeless teens as anyone without a living situation, living in a car, or living in a shelter.

She wants to donate anything that will make a homeless teens day a little easier, like gift cards to grocery stores or restaurants.

"personal items like toothbrushes and toothpaste, and hats and scarfs and what not."

A National Honors Society member, she needed to participate in a community service activity but wanted it to mean something to her.

"I wanted to help people, like really help them and I guess just knowing that there are teens, people my age, that are struggling... I mean I know how hard it is for me and I I have a wonderful family and a home and a roof over my head its just I felt the need to people that didn't have that." Siad John.

Alijah asked for new items to be donated, as kids usually shop at second-hand stores, a new item would be special.

The collection will continue until December 17th and can be dropped off at Saint Anthony's Church.

a 2017 study by the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness showed over 1,500 students were homeless in Wyoming.