Casper Teachers are Evolving the Way The Teach

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CASPER Our local schools are using new techniques to keep students engaged.

With technology being a part of children's daily lives, teaching methods have to be different than how previous generations were taught.

The materials are the same, but the way in which it is introduced in the classroom uses more than just lectures and readings.

A sixth grade language arts teacher explains how she integrates song into the classroom to help her students remember vocabulary words.

“They can take those vocabulary words and work in teams to create interactive flash cards..." Said Kari Harris. "that later go into computer games, and quizzes and activities in quizlet.”

The 8th grade math teacher keeps her class moving in order to keep their brains active and involved.

“And I have standing desks, and even in activities we do a lot of station work and partner work so they are moving throughout the classroom and through the class just to help keep them alert and awake.” Explained Angela Cavalier.

Cavalier states that you have to change things up in the classroom whether it be by movement, song, or technology to keep things new and fun.

“They did a DIY experiment and they wrote their lab report like it was a script because they are really into drama and things like that..." Said Cody Marvel, a teacher in the Natrona County School District. "So they get to be themselves and show me their personality.”

The entire school tries to keep all of their students excited and involved by including Harry Potter themes into the culture of Centennial Junior High.

Teachers are focused on preparing their students for life outside the classroom, and do so by having more than one way to learn.

Teachers are using a creative growth mindset, which makes learning fun, opening the doors of possibility for their futures.