Casper Residents Voice Concern on Parking Tickets

Casper residents voice their concerns about parking tickets on a busy street.

One resident, living off 12th street, says she got a ticket for parking alongside the street.

News 13's Tyler Waggenspack reports two residents living on 12th street say traffic conditions are dangerous.

"Today I come out to go to work around 1:00 and there's a ticket on my car."

Anita lives on 12th street and says this is the first time she's gotten a ticket like this.

"I wasn't in the line of traffic. I wasn't even near the white line. I was two to three feet over the white line and I was up on this little curby thing."

She parked her car closer to the street curb so her car wouldn't get hit.
She says traffic conditions on the street is concerning.

"People come flying down this road. The speed limit is 30 mph. They come flying down here, They're over the white lines."

Anita's landlord says his car got hit while parking on the street, that's why he says he put a marker for cars to park.

"Because of how narrow the lanes of traffic are, I've had my vehicle actually struck out here from parking out here. I have a little slab there purposely so they can pull off the road a little bit so their mirrors aren't taken off."

But Berray says they still want something done about it.

"Widening these lanes. Providing an area for people to visit these residences and have a safe place to park."

Casper police say city ordinances state you can park on the street but you it's illegal to park on parkways without a permit.

Anita says she will make a court appearance to voice her concern.