Casper Residents March In Support of President Trump

Casper residents spent Saturday afternoon marching through Downtown Casper, showing their support for President Donald Trump.

News 13's Tyler Waggenspack was there to get reaction from those present.

Casper Residents walk near downtown, holding flags and signs to show their support for President Trump. It's one of several marches being held across the U.S.

"We're taking part in the national march for Trump that is going on across the country. We kind of put this together Tuesday. Got all our permission," said Bonnie Foster, the march organizer.

The march began at City Park, then proceeded through downtown as marchers walked in windy conditions. Marchers say they support the job that President Trump is doing.

"We support what he's doing and we're supporting it peacefully and we're not leaving, you know trash and debris and stuff behind us. We're not destroying anything," said Laura Johnson, President of the Natrona County Republican Women.

Veterans came out to show their support as well.

"Well we're just out here trying to show our support. To show him that we're behind him 100%,” said Terence Few, a U.S. Naval Veteran.

"President Trump has been in office for about a month now. And Casper residents are marching to support him, despite the controversy he's been facing."

"I'm just tired of all the negative stuff. Trump, he's our president, you know. You got to support him," said Rick Deephouse, a marcher.

And support a smooth transition into the new administration.

"I like to see it continue to see it be peaceful."

And show their support for the 45th President.

Casper was not the only area in the state marching as Cody also took place in the nationwide event.