Casper Residents Hit Stores for Black Friday

It's been a busy day for Casper residents hitting stores for Black Friday sales with bellies full of Thanksgiving food. Casper's Eastridge Mall was buzzing with shoppers all day long.

Shoppers flow in and out of stores, taking advantage of holiday sales. One store manager likes Black Friday.

"It's really fun. You know, good time of year. Holidays, all that good stuff, so busyness is nice."

Busy as customers were shopping late Thursday night or early Friday morning. Davis says many customers came through her store.

"Last night was really good. We had quite a few people come in especially those first couple of hours, then this morning we got some early birds, so that's been pretty fun to have everybody come in and check out all the deals that are going on."

And one shopper says he got a good deal on electronics.

"Well I showed up to come here to best buy, just because I had my eye on a T.V. that I wanted to get, so that's what I came for."

And crowds weren't as bad earlier or late Thursday night.

"The crowd wasn't terrible and it wasn't too long to get through the check out, so that was nice."

"I just can't justify leaving uh on…you know Thursday, Thanksgiving night. I'm hanging out with the family, that's just crazy to me, but it worked out great for me this morning, and I do it again."

And despite losing sleep, Davis says she still enjoys Black Friday.

"I mean I got to get up early, but it's fun to be here and help everybody, all of our guests and just, you know give them what they need."

And give shoppers a great Black Friday experience.

Most mall stores opened around 6 P.M. last night (Thursday), and will stay open late until tonight (Friday).