Casper Residents Get First Look at Midwest Avenue Reconstruction Project

CASPER, Wyo. Architects say they want to keep the area similar in design to the old Yellowstone district.

"With each area having its own different themes around them, but with the overall design of the road, sidewalks, parking and raised planters with the decorative and pedestrian lighting, it will be a very consistent theme throughout the entire Old Yellowstone District." Said Garrett Zimmer of WWC Engineering.

The project will run from west to east starting at the intersection of Midwest Avenue and Elm Street.

It will take up four blocks, ending at David Street.

Engineers spoke with business owners about possible disruptions and how work will be communicated.

"Obviously, it's a construction project and there's going to be impacts. But we really want to try and do whatever we can to keep you guys informed, in the loop, and accommodate your needs to the greatest extent possible." Explained Darrin Tromble of WWC Engineering.

Residents and business owners say they look forward to the upcoming changes and what they will bring.

The construction project is scheduled to be completed in September of 2019.