Casper Resident Helps Hungry Children

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13,000,000 children lived in households where adequate nutrition was not provided in 2015, according to

News 13’s Bobby Poitevint sat down with Miamie Sleep and learned how she helps feed the community.

Sleep is a Jefferson Award nominee, but didn’t rest with that honor. She continues to work hard in the community and fights child hunger.
“I look at it like it’s not the kid’s fault,” said Sleep.

That is exactly why she spends time volunteering for local food drives and dropping off empty bags and picking them up full.

She said, “I’m a full believer that no kid should go home hungry or be hungry, or go to bed hungry.”

She partners with both ServPro, and Wyoming’s Food for Thought to collect food.

Program participants help distribute meals to kids during school hours and at home.

The filled bags will be given to needy kids during the summer.

She believes daily meals are vital for a child’s success and future, and no child should ever go hungry.

“Because if you don’t eat then you don’t learn, and if you don’t learn then you don’t become successful adults”, she added.

In addition, Sleep has special messages she wants all kids to hear when facing hunger.

“Kids know that there are people out there like us, and Food for Thought and other people care about them. I really really like this project,” she said.

And she continues to fight for Children, one bag at a time.