Casper Police Receive Evaluation of Victim Services

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CASPER, Wyo. Officers want to improve the way they respond to crimes to improve safety for others and themselves.

All crimes are important, some dangerous even, but domestic violence cases is an area they tried to change practices the most.

When a victim reports a crime, Casper police now have a soft room to create a more comfortable environment to talk.

There are also new questions asked before an officer arrives on the scene to help keep the,m safe and better understand what they are getting in to.

"You know one of the good things about having the I-E-C-P out here is it's helping us um develop our partnership strengths with the community members that we do have as well as other agencies that are out there." Said Lt. Jeremy Tremel.

The ICEOP will be in Casper all week, evaluating their progress and going over new safety tactics.