Casper Police Launch Strategic Plan to Review Department's Operations

Casper Police recently asked city council members to approve a long-term review of their operations and services.

The strategic plan will be a joint effort between police and city officials to see where improvements can be made.

As News 13's Tyler Waggenspack reports, police are hopeful for its outcome.

It's a five-year long term goal for department improvements. And it's the first of its kind in Casper.

"The department has never had a formalized long-term strategic plan, so that's what we began. Really again in late November/December," said Fred Catchpole from the Casper Police Support Services Bureau.

Chief Jim Wetzel launched the strategy after thorough reviews and working with the city manager's office. Catchpole says it comes at a time in need.

"We recognize that given the challenges that we face, given the resources, that there’s a lot of...especially given the current financial status around the state and the city…that we have to prioritize our resources, have good planning decisions and set ourselves up for success."

The review price: nearly $53,000. Casper Council members gave the "go ahead" for the idea. Although it comes out of the city's pocket, council members believe it's a good investment.

"It's going to have to end up coming from that, but I think it's an investment well worth it. As we're looking at trying to not only support the good things that are coming from the police department, but also anything that needs to be corrected or adjusted," said Ray Pacheco, Vice President of Council.

"Once it's completed, police officers hope it will help create a long-term strategy for future services. Catchpole believes it helps them re-focus on their three core values."

"Our workforce, our enforcement, and our organizational excellence are what's critical to this assessment."

And council members remain hopeful of its outcome.

"Strategic plan is not always easy. It's time intensive, but it really gives us the opportunity."

An opportunity for a long-term strategy plan.

Casper Police have an outside vendor in mind to perform the assessment.

The $53,000 investment comes from that vendor's proposal.

The plan is expected to be finished around 2021 to 2022.