Casper Police Join 'Operation Cross Country' Efforts

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Casper Police took part in a national underage sex trafficking crack down over the course of three days last week.

They partnered with the FBI and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Wednesday the FBI announced Operation Cross Country XI recovered 84 minors with 120 traffickers arrested.

Seventeen minors were recovered across Colorado and Wyoming including four "pimps" suspected of commercially exploiting children and adults arrested.

Another twenty-seven adults were arrested for prostitution and ten customers of adult prostitution.

Eighteen more predators seeking sex with children were also arrested.
Casper Police SGT. Dan Dunas spoke about the operation, “It's kind of a game of cat and mouse, where it's dynamic and everything changes every year, you know trends change, patterns change, so every operation cross county is a new year for us."

According to Sergeant Dundas five men and two women were arrested over the weekend for prostitution offenses in Casper.

The 'John Sting' operation used female officers at undisclosed locations to arrest the men who all paid undercover officers money for sex.

The women were arrested last week for prostitution and possessing marijuana.

This is the 11th sting of the FBI’s Operation Cross Country which takes place with fifty-five FBI field offices and seventy-eigth state and local task forces.