Casper Police Help Elderly Woman Clean Her Yard

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CASPER, Wyo. Casper police pitched in on a cold November morning to lend their hands.

"This year has been a unique year for the Casper Police Department had a lot of important things happen... Where the community came out and really supported us and so the Casper Police Department decided that we wanted to give back to the community." Said Chief Keith McPheeters. "So Georgia is a wonderful woman who is a widow...her husband left a thriving demolition business and yet when he passed away he kinda left Georgia overwhelmed. We chose her because it's far beyond her capacity to bring her home and property into compliance so we decided as a police department we chip in and help."

When service work is finished, Hans will have a roof that doesn't leak.

"I don't have to worry about all the garbage and the junk in the backyard. I can actually be proud of my property now." Said Georgia Hans. "And having the police to do it. Wow! That's saying a lot for Casper's finest."

The big story today?

Community and neighborhood pride.

Casper police and community development members will work together to perform two service projects each year.