Casper Non-Profit Recovers After Robbery

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It's been a year since the Casper non-profit program ‘Pop in the Shop’ suffered substantial parts thefts.

"We were robbed a year ago," Cheever remembered.

A groundskeeper who worked at the salvage yard at Pop in the Shop took around $50,000 worth of car parts last year, including catalytic converters, batteries, and radiators.

Since then Vice President Chappy Cheever says they've had a few break-ins, but are taking steps to reduce them.

"We’re in the process of getting a fence built to secure the premises and make sure there's none of that going on,” he said. “We will be putting up security cameras and stuff like that."

The break-in took a financial toll on the program, but Cheever sees this as a life lesson for his kids.

"We used it as a teaching tool as well, so it turned into a bitter sweet type of thing," he said.

And he's not letting the thief steal his values.

"We’re a faith-based organization,” Cheever explained. “If the guy would have come to us before the cops got him and said, 'Hey, I'm sorry, this is what happened, this is why I did this,’ then yea. It's based on a forgive and forget and move on."

He added, "There's always good in everything, you just need to find it."

Cheever says without the community's help, they wouldn't still be helping kids. The community came together over the last year and raised money for Pop in the Shop volunteers.