Casper Named as One of the Best Fishing Spots in the US

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CASPER, Wyo. Casper is different than other cities because it has a unique blend of everything.

"One of the biggest pluses to what we have is we are a tale-water below multiple damns so we got kind of three damns in a row that helps filter more water, therefore we have more food more fish populations higher density of more fish per mile than most places in the world actually." Said Blake Jackson, the owner of Ugly Bug Fly Shop.

Casper is very well known for its fly fishing, but it is not the only kind of fishing available.

"We've got World Class Walleye fishing. Obviously, the lakes hold some trout as well. I would say the majority of the fishing that takes place is fly fishing, but there's plenty of ways for people who aren't fly fisherman to get out there as well." Said Jackson.

The popularity in fishing is also good for Casper's economy.

"The last time we measured the economic impact in hunting and fishing in Natrona County was in 2015, and what that data told us is that now this is residents and non-residents, but anglers in total spent 18.6 million dollars on fishing in Natrona County that year." Said Brooke Kaufman, the CEO of Visit Casper.

There was also a survey sent out to non-resident fishing license holders.

The last time they were surveyed was in 2017.

"And what we learned from that was 84% of them were likely to come back in the next 12 months, but we also know they value the consistency of the fisheries so they know it fishes really well all year round, they also value the natural environment, which in Wyoming we have an incredible natural environment. And then also the size of the fish.. and there are certain times of the year where they are bigger than others, but all of those factors make Casper a really amazing fishing destination."

Kaufman said they try to lead with the natural environment because it is what people are interested in.

The economic report for 2015 was done by the University of Wyoming Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics.