Casper May be Getting New Bus Routes

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CASPER, Wyo. Bus routes yellow, red, green, and blue might see changes if the Casper community agrees.

With the new proposed bus routes, city officials can save an estimated ten thousand dollars a month.

"When we consider which stops to take out or which routes to modify were trying to make sure that we're getting um the most benefit out of those changes." Said Aaron Kloke, the Metropolitan Planning Supervisor.

Changes will be open for public discussion until January Tenth, then voted on by city council January 22nd.

"looking at places where we can make the bus route system um where we can reduce costs or we can make it faster and better for our riders."

The yellow route faces the biggest changes, with plans to eliminate stops in the Paradise Valley and Sunrise areas of Poplar Street.

"You know the people that live or use the bus in this area they really need to be involved to let us know if that is going to be a problem for them" Explained Marge Cole, the Executive Director for CAT-C.

The proposals eliminated stops were decided based on safety since some stops have tough left turns or intersections with no stop signs, making it dangerous for drivers and riders.

Other stops were chosen simply because they are not used often.

"But it really is a time saver and it will also help miles and that's what all of this is lowering miles to save money."

If plans pass, they will go into effect by March of 2019.

You are asked to call Cat-c staff with any concerns over the proposal.