Casper Man Facing Child Abuse for Spanking Child

A Casper man is facing felony child abuse after reports say he spanked a child at his wife's daycare center in September.

This morning David Lang pleaded not guilty to the charge in court.

Court papers show Lang’s wife runs ABC 123 Daycare in Casper and David disciplined a three year old child for hitting another child with a toy.

Reports say Lang spanked the child three times on the butt and reports say the boy had, "deep bruising," to his buttocks, back of his legs and inner thigh area.

The child told DFS staff he was, "spanked really hard.”

Reports continue to show the child had been playing in an un-approved space in the home, sliding down the stairs, which the area did not meet the guidelines for the daycare license.

Lang told police he did spank the child twice but does not, “whale on kids.”

Court papers show Lang has been previously been convicted of fourth degree child abuse in 2003.

Lang faces up to ten years in prison if found guilty of the crime.