Casper Man Arrested for Involvement in DCI Meth Investigation

As part of an on-going drug trafficking operation in Wyoming, the Division of Criminal Investigations on Thursday arrested a 19-year-old man for his involvement.

According to reports, Wyoming DCI began their investigation into the meth operation in September and with the use of a DCI undercover agent, people involved were identified.

In November, the undercover agent and a man, identified in reports as Jason Thompson, arranged a meeting to purchase meth for nine hundred dollars via Facebook Messaging.

Reports show Thompson arranged a deal for the undercover agent for close to an ounce of meth for seven hundred dollars.

In December, another transaction took place for eight hundred dollars involving Thompson and the agent.

Reports show Thompson was then arrested for his involvement and faces five charges of possession and delivery of methamphetamine.

Thompson will appear in court this afternoon where his formal charges will be read and a bond will be set.