Casper Leaders Tour Life Steps Campus as Renovations Continue

Tuesday afternoon Casper city council members were invited to tour the life steps campus as renovations continue.

The campus serves those who have a hard time finding housing or just need a fresh start.

"One of the essential services that a city should have for its residents," said Councilman Shawn Johnson.

It's owned by city leaders.

"And they've invested heavily in bringing it back to life. And we're here to show them how we've leveraged the funding that they gave us into just an amazing revitalization," said Kim Summerall-Wright, Casper Housing Authority Executive Director.

And managed by the Casper housing authority

"What we really want them to see is that the apartments have been re-done. All of the housing units have been redone and we've really brought in the historical value of the campus and we've brought it back and we want them to see that we were able to maintain that integrity while turning it into a place of hope."

The campus dates back to the early 1900's.

From the 1930's through 90's it was basically an orphanage.

"Since then, it's had a lot of different things happen here. And right now it's open to non-profits and people in need."

"Cool to see the transformation cause, you know, we've taken a bunch of old buildings and re-purposed them, made them look nice. It's not a dive. It's an actual nice place for these people to come."

The tour ended with city council members conducting their meeting in the completely renovated dining hall.

Summerall-wright says the public is welcome to call and take a tour of the campus.