Casper Firm Named "Architectural Firm of the Year"

The mastermind behind the David Street Station, Art 321 and many other notable projects around Wyoming, Stateline No. 7 Architects is awarded and recognized as the architectural firm of the year by the American Institute of Architects in Wyoming.

In the past mostly Jackson firms had won the award, making it a great honor for architects at the Casper firm.

Stateline No. 7’s president says their submittal for the award wasn't necessarily about design, but more so involvement in the community and revitalizing downtown areas.

"One of the reasons why I wanted to come to Casper was because it just lacked that whole downtown core, that identity and people really hungered for it," said Stateline No. 7 President, Lyle Murtha.

Murtha says, before, many would travel to Denver to get their "cultural fix," but now we can get out right in our own backyard of downtown for that urban feeling, helping out our economy by keeping our money within our state.

"I hope the thing that changes is that other firms will start doing the types of things we do. Instead of worrying about the fancy, glossy covered design. Roll up their sleeves and get down to the dirty work."

Stateline number seven has been around in Casper since 2005.