Casper Fire Urges Fire Safety with Dry Summer Heat

CASPER, Wyo. - (KCWY) - At least 4 separate grass fires and one fire in an apartment have occurred inside the Casper city limits alone since Saturday afternoon.

What is most unfortunate is that each of these fires were human caused.

Casper Fire-EMS wants to reinforce that conditions are exceptionally dangerous for fires to start outdoors.

People absolutely need to take care in discarding smoking materials appropriately. No fireworks should be used, period. And extra care should be taken to educate children and remove the temptation to play with matches, lighters, and other open flame devices.

Any vacant lots or grassy areas should be mowed short within a minimum of 10 feet around buildings and idle vehicles, a greater distance is even better. Dry grasses are even more volatile and present an even greater risk for fires and very rapid spread.

Finally; clean up litter, junk, wood piles, and other items that could provide an easy fuel source for an approaching fire.

Last, Casper Fire-EMS wants to remind everyone to take responsibility for preventing fires in and around their homes; Fire is Everyone’s Fight.