Casper Community Takes a Walk Through Art

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Every first Thursday of the month, local artists can show their creativity. This month allowed them to reach for the stars.

"We're celebrating art, we're celebrating the community, we're celebrating life and friendships; we want people to come in and enjoy themselves," said Diane Harrop, Executive Director of Art 321.

With the eclipse on everyone's minds, artists really took to this event and elevated their art work for everyone to see. And with many things to do, the "Art Walk" is fun for the entire family.

"There seems to be something for everyone,” said art enthusiast Kate Johnson. “ This is my third one (walk), so it's really exciting to come out and just see what's new and what's going on."

For one particular woman, a celebration was in order. One she wanted to share with everyone, in the form of over 1000 cupcakes.

"I'm having my 70th birthday on Saturday, and I wanted to do something special for other people that everybody could enjoy," said Carol Chapman, an Executive Board Member of Art 321.

A sweet treat for art enthusiasts helped celebrate a milestone for Carol. Many were delighted with the delicious surprise.

With games, food, and entertainment, people of all ages can enjoy something here at the monthly "Art Walk" in downtown Casper. And some major streets were closed off to drivers in order to let everyone walk more freely.

Every Tuesday during the month of August, local artists are offering classes for people on wanting to express themselves through different mediums of art.

"Just inviting people to come in and be reminded at how soothing and comforting be engaged in art can be for the human soul,” said Harrop.

And with each "Art Walk", smiles can be seen on everyone's faces.
Next month's theme will honor national suicide awareness month. Artists are encouraged to submit their work to have displayed for September's walk. If you’re interested in submitting your work visit