Casper City Officials Say Water is Safe

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CASPER, Wyo. It started after a Casper resident who lives near Summit Elementary School home-tested their tap water.

Coliform bacteria was found in the sample.

"It is a bacteria but it's entirely safe for human consumption." Explained Andrew Beamer, the Casper Public Service's Director. "If you see coliforms it's absolutely an indicator that there could be harmful bacteria growing in the water but our tests have shown no harmful bacteria at all."

Officials from the Casper Natrona County Health Department agree the water is safe.

"If its coliform it's not going to make you ill but it is an indicator that further work needs to be done. Once it comes back negative it's safe." Said Ruth Heald by CNCHD Environmental Specialist.

And test from an independent lab show no evidence of harmful bacteria, but city officials took extra precautions.

"Just to be on the safe side, we flushed the system... converted it to the lower pressure zone, which naturally has higher chlorine residuals." Said Beamer.

"If you find coliforms, then there could be a source of that for those bacteria, so you need to look further to see what the source is or you need to increase the disinfection so you're eliminating those bacteria."

And increasing chlorine residuals will kill more bacteria.

beamer says officials will continue to monitor the situation.