Casper City Manager Confident about Local Economy in 2018

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Casper city leaders feel confident about the city moving forward from an economic slump.

Saturday, City Manager Carter Napier spoke during a women's forum while hearing from residents about their concerns.

News 13 attended the forum and heard those concerns some ranging from downtown parking to the David Street Station and the 2019 fiscal year.

Napier spoke confidently about the upcoming 2019 fiscal budget which goes into effect this summer.

The budget plan also includes some Casper staples, which could receive cuts when the budget is reached.

Napier commented, “I am optimistic. It’s a guarded optimism; we need to see somethings happen. We need to see actively pick up with those kinds of things but the good news is we're not in a downward spin.

Positive things are occurring but we also need more to happen for us to really feel good about our recovery position. Which I don't think we're in right now."

According to Napier, Wyoming cities like Casper rely on roughly 70 percent of state controlled revenue.

As a budget approaches, some residents are watching out for their city.

Casper resident Jane Ifland commented, “I think the distribution is probably legitimate in terms of population and so forth but I just want to make sure that the local governments get what they need."

Other locals also asked about growth within Casper.

Deb Fleming commented, “Very important collaborative relationship between the downtown development authority, the city council, city government and potential challenges with that."

"That their needs to be a stronger connection between the police force and the citizens of our community so we know how best to interact with the police and how to support them and I want to know if Mr. Napier plans to bring this about. If he’s going to reorganize and restructure the police community relations,” said RC Johnson.

City leaders will know more about their 2019 fiscal budget after this year's legislative session.