Casper City Leaders Prepare for Legislative Session

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CASPER, Wyo. The most important legislative issue for Casper leaders is the future of the direct distribution program, in which the state gives cities money.

It makes up most Casper's budget.

"If indeed they did decide they wanted to get out of that program... the City of Casper is concerned with regard to its continued viability." Said City Manager Carter Napier.

Currently, cities cannot directly collect sales tax.

City leaders want the freedom to collect revenue directly so they can have more control over its future.

"Local authority has long been, for many cities in our state, the desired option for planning capacity and being able to forecast a little more appropriately with regard to general fund operations." Said Napier.

Officials also want infrastructure investments.

"Stormwater management conveyance. That's a big piece of our dialogue right now. We're hopeful that the state will allow for legislation to pass that, again, would provide cities and towns another option and another tool in their tool bag."

Other priorities include securing money for more school resource officers and support for VA skilled nursing facility.

Napier said city leaders will be in Cheyenne throughout the session to advocate for their priorities.