Casper Businesses Give Back to Soldiers

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Local business owners show their support for soldiers before the American holiday.

Veteran's Day is a time to reflect and pay respect to the brave.

Casper business owners show their appreciation to soldiers by offering discounts and freebies.

One business owner will give away 1,500 dollars’ worth of tree services to a lucky veteran.

Owner Ryan Wenger of All Trees wants veterans and troops to know he is grateful for their sacrifice.

"I want to help a veteran out because right now with the divide in the country. I just want to let them know that we support them and that we stand for them."

Other shop owners say they want to give back to veterans in honor of their family and employees.

"I have family, friends and employees who have served and we want to give back to them” says Kristin Wilson owner of Gear Up and Get Out There.

Owner Tia Leschin of Crazy Pedaler Bicycles says "My father served in the Korean War and the Vietnam War and I’ve had cousins and other relatives serve in the military."

Bonnie Milne a mother to a veteran tells me she rather shop and eat at any business that supports veterans like her son.

"If they don't give back to the community, we really don't partake in their business.

Milne's son spent five years in the Marines and is now retired with a family.

She says hearing the news her son was being deployed to Afghanistan was hard.

"It’s very scary you don’t know. Anything can happen (and) it’s very very scary."

Milne says her son made the choice to fight for his country.

So she chooses to shop American made discounts.

If you would like to enter a veteran into the All Trees 1,500 dollar contest visit the link listed with this story to the right of your screen.