Carrying Numerous Cards in Wallets Poses Risks

Losing your wallet can be a headache, but what happens if you carry too much and thieves were to get hands on it?

According to an article, you shouldn't carry social security cards, receipts, and all your credit cards.

To explain why, News 13's Tyler Waggenspack spoke with bank officials and police about preventing theft from carrying too much

Tyler, why shouldn't we carry these items?

Regina, both bank experts and police officers say carrying numerous cards increases chances of personal information being stolen.

Tyler: do you usually carry a lot in your wallet? Receipts, credit cards, cell phones in your purse?"

"I try to keep it a minimum just for safety."

"Very minimal. It's always best to carry as little as possible."

Unlike these women, many Americans load their wallets with personal cards or information which can be risky.

"A lot of people have numerous credit cards. Again we just think 'Ok, let's carry them all in my wallet.' You know, try to keep them down, which ones you actually use."

As Detective Hatcher says, you want to keep things at a minimum.
According to the Federal Trade Commission, 9 million Americans have had their identities stolen each year from thieves gaining access to your drivers license and social security card.

"The more you carry, the more of an inconvenience it's going to be should something happen and you're either trying to locate them or cancel them."

"The average American carries about two to three credit cards in their wallet. When that adds up with everything else, it can be too much. That's why experts advise you empty your wallet, as often as possible."

"If you have 10 cards in your wallet, you have to cancel 10 cards. Think of all the auto-pays we have attached to our cards. Your light bill, your water bill, your car insurance."

Some advice? Keep a list of the cards you have, contact information, and card numbers somewhere else in case they are stolen or get lost.

"Use just a couple of credit cards at one time, so if you do lose your wallet or it gets stolen, not so much can be taken on those accounts."

Also DeVore mentions don't ever give out your personal information over the phone, through email, or text.

If you ever find your cards stolen, call your bank and file a report with police.