Car Show Hits Casper

Car enthusiasts take over Casper streets showing off some pretty unique cars.

News 13's Marella Porter reports the car show kicked off Memorial Day weekend.

The annual “Cruizin' with the Oldies” car show has drivers revved up for Memorial Weekend.

In it's17th year, car guys and gals spend the holiday cruising several sites scattered around town. The event is one of the largest in the state…welcoming entries of all types of cars.

Classics, muscle cars, street rods, you name it!
Some of the cars getting shown carry features both the first and even the last of their kind...making them that much more special to their owners.

This year the events for the car show include a Ford Mustang show at Greiner Ford, an all Mopar show at Fremont Motors, and an import show at Fremont Volkswagen.

Aside from the aesthetic impression the cars leave on enthusiasts…the history and passion behind them is even more impressive.

"I have a yellow '67 Ford Mustang convertible out here that I bought here 50 years ago," said Glen Williams, a car owner.

Like Glen's 67 Mustang, some of these cars have a special place in the lives of the families that own them.

"That was a family car for years and years. My wife drove it to work and everything. It's been all over the country."

While other cars have come into their lives unexpectedly.

"The only difference between probably most of the cars out here and mine...I didn’t have a lot do with it. I won it," said Robert Knaub, another car owner.

Knaub (Kanab) won his 1967 Jeep Kaiser in the “Wheels 4 Charity” raffle.

He didn't expect to win the raffle, but instead was focused on the greater cause as the raffle benefitted military veterans and domestic abuse shelters.

"It's the first time that I've ever driven anything that you literally watch people tap each other on the shoulder, on the sidewalks and point at it. People take U-turns in town to follow it."

Although the stories behind each car may differ, the community the cars' owners build is one.

The event was free and ended Sunday.