Car Scams; Knowing When to Buy or Walk.

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It seems scams are around every corner these days.

The last place you want to be victimized is when buying a car.

News13's Bobby Poitevint shows us what to look for when selecting our dream ride.

Before buying your dream ride take a deeper look into its history.

So that dream doesn't become a nightmare.

"People are always looking for angles to cheat the system. That’s why there’s multiply layers of protection and having multiply vehicle history reports (like) Carfax is awesome. They're super reliable but they have missed things that I have found on NMVTIS” says Michael Martinez with Quality Auto of Casper.

Martinez adds sites like CarFax and VinAudit are reliable but errors in history reporting can happen.

Steve Well’s with Hill’s Auto Sales says ask for ID and title up front when purchasing from an individual.

"Probably the biggest safeguard you can do for yourself is to make sure the name on the title matches the person you’re buying it from. Ask them to see an ID. You might have a title to a car that you don't even own and you're going to sell that to me it’s not a good title."

Some vehicles can come with baggage.

"if there’s money owed on it, it’s going to have that right on the very front of it saying there still a lien holder. If you don't have a lien release saying that’s been satisfied you have a no good title."

Usually we hear stories of buyers being scammed.

However staff at Hill’s Auto Sales tells me they were scammed by a buyer.

"Said he took care of everything we took his work (and) we went Monday to get our money. He never gone back to the credit union to sign the paperwork. He ended up taking the car to North Dakota (on a) long weekend road trip. We ended up finding the car in Mills. (We) recovered the car but we never able to recover the damage that he did to the car or the money that was owed against it."

In a world of scammers trust only goes so far.

Wells says they were able to sell the car after it’s recovery.