Car Dealership Sees Steady Numbers This Season

Casper car dealership managers see steady sales this winter despite the state's economy.

Casper General Motors Company managers say fall sales has been better than earlier this year.

Cars, a luxury to have. Almost every household has one. The Casper G.M.C./Buick sales manager says things seem to be going well.

"It's been pretty consistent. This time of year you just see a little bit different buyer."

Consistent since numbers weren't so high earlier this year. Dellenbach says he's seen improvement.

"Actually towards the end of summer it slowed down a little bit, then in October it started picking back up. Numbers have been good and so far December has been off to a good start."

December has been good since Casper G.M.C. management sees customers buying cars geared for Wyoming weather.

"We have a lot of people from some of the southern states, so warmer areas coming up here for work. Two-wheel drives are great down there, but not the best up here."

Besides four-wheel drives, Dellenbach believes their deals attract people.

"One thing that's cool about G.M.C and Buick is they do select model programs, where you get up to 16% off for certain models. So it really stirs the market up and it gives a lot of people a change to get a really good deal."

And overall, Dellenbach says it's all about the customer.

"Our goal isn't to keep the customer here for you know, 12 hours just to buy a car. So we try to get them involved a lot sooner. Find out what their looking for kind of find out what painting range and stuff there at, so that way we're starting to look at the right vehicle sooner rather than later, so they can get out of here and start enjoying their new car."

And giving customers the ride of their lives.

Casper G.M.C. managers also say people tend to buy pick-ups during summer for outdoor activities.