Canyon Delays in Fremont County

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Expect delays of up to 40 minutes while traveling through the Wind River Canyon.

News 13 s Landon Harrar shows us the reasons for your wait.

This spring already more than 30 individual landslides have showered rocks onto the wind river canyon highway.

:Steve Revill Canyon Clean-up Operator says, "Probably one of the worst because of all the rainfall and the snow, really wet this year." and Cody Beers a WYDOT Spokesperson adds, "We have had a lot of rock fall this spring in the wind river canyon, I've been with WYDOT 13 years and we've had two springs like this since I've been here, two years ago in 2015 when we had the major landslides and then this year when we had a lot of moisture in late April and brought down a whole bunch of rocks.

Clean-up crews dislodge loose rocks from the wall so they don t fall on their own .and try to clear all canyon-side ditches so those rocks don t hit you.

The main idea behind cleaning out the ditches is to keep the rocks falling therein the future and not bouncing off rocks in the ditches and ending up on the highway coming across the road on the move and possibly hitting a vehicle.

Traffic is stopped for 15 minutes while crews try to work on clearing rocks, then stopped vehicles can pass .one side at a time.

Rock fall companies are bringing rock down on the road loose rock, they re cleaning it up and they've only got about 15-20 minutes every hour to do that because the rest of the time they've got to sit still while we move traffic back and forth.

Beers says they will not close the canyon completely unless a major incident occurs because its such an important road for thousands of drivers.

If we don t get all this rock fall away from the roads, eventually we could have a rockfall that closes the canyon for an extended period of time and that, that s not good news for towns that depend on the traffic for their economies.

On average 22-hundred vehicles travel through the canyon everyday even more during the summer.

The work to clear rocks, and reinforce the highway has a 650-thousand dollars price tag for Wyoming tax-payers.