Candidates for Wyoming's Lone Representative Seat Debate in Casper

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Energy is a big industry and that was just one of many issues candidates debated.

On energy, Republican candidate Liz Cheney says we are the target of the “war on coal.” Democratic candidate Ryan Greene believes energy companies should be allowed to find solutions to cleaner coal.

“You claim that you're going to help our coal industry, but Phil, who owns the largest wind farm in America,” says Greene.

“Somebody who's been working in the energy industry and who says we should elect him because he's been working in the energy industry, but then says there's no war on coal, it's not just that he doesn't think that you can take these issues on, he doesn't think we need to take them on,” says Cheney

“He knows the energy industry for Wyoming, he knows it, very well. Cheney, she didn't grow up here and honestly, the only reason I believe she's gotten as far as she has is because of her name,” says
Zachary Ahrndt, a Greene supporter.

On poverty, Constitution Party candidate Daniel Cummings says wages aren't something government should regulate. Greene believes the minimum wage should increase to ten dollars an hour.

“I believe in free market, wages should be determined by employers and employees,’ says Cummings.

“We need to have those discussions, where we are providing a livable wage without crippling small businesses,” says Greene.

On guns, Libertarian candidate Lawrence Struempf says gun control or lack thereof should be left to the states. Cheney says she's against the “no fly no buy,” while Greene said he supports that regulation.

“I don't think there's a direct correlation between gun regulation and gun crimes,” says Struempf.

“My opponent [Greene] can act like, gosh we're all on the same page here, but we really aren't and the fact that he's endorsed Hillary Clinton, who will nominate and appoint judges to the supreme court who will do everything they can to undo our 2nd amendment right, is something that people need to be very focused on,” says Cheney.

“My dad taught me to shoot and I'm teaching my kids how to shoot, it's about responsible gun ownership, and we do that here in Wyoming,” says Greene.

But how did the crowd feel? Most of the people we spoke with supported Cheney.

“I like her issues and I like her opposition to Obamacare,” says Mike Pyatt, a Cheney supporter.

“She had a really good presentation, she knew the topics well,” says Ronald H. Nading Jr., another Cheney supporter.

“Her heart never left here and she's fought for us and supported us,” says Mary Engebretsen

“She probably has more knowledge of what needs to be done to help this state specifically,” says audience member Thomas Dunlap.

But others disagree.

“Greene's policies align with my views more than anyone elses. Cheney, I just, I could never vote for Cheney, she hasn't spent her entire life here in Wyoming like Greene has,” says Ahrndt.

Another issue discussed was money in politics. Most candidates agreed there should be transparency after a major corporation or organization donates to a candidate.