Candidates for House District 57 are Still Campaigning as Elections Draw Near

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CASPER, Wyo. The run for House District 57 may be coming to a close in less than a week, but the candidates are still working hard to swing voters in their direction.

Republican Chuck Gray hopes voters give him a second term.

"I really wanted to help our state and that was a key part of the decision process." Said Gray. "I mean I saw a lot of waste and we still see a lot of waste. We've been working on that, and that's part of why I'm running again."

To continue attacks on government waste, Gray must beat Democrat Jane Ifland.

"I don't see that our current Representative has been able to do anything, and I have 30-plus years of solid problem solving experience. I'd like to put it to work for the people of my district." Said Ifland.

She is now retired, but her experience includes running an advertising agency.

She outlined her priorities.

"I think that we should be able to fund education appropriately. I think that we should be able to develop a sustainable revenue system for the state. I think that we should make sure that everyone's covered with health care."

Gray gave his list of what he would do in his second term.

"We want to continue to work on these fiscal issues. (We want to) try to control our state expenditure in a responsible way so that the tax increase narrative doesn't win. And that also that we're spending money right on key priorities like education, like roads."

Though both sides have made their views clear, the campaign has still turned ugly.

Gay's campaign sent out a mailer with a hammer and a sickle, linking Ifland to socialism.

"We need to form a clear distinction. My opponent is quite left of the district. I mean (she) has been with this group, Indivisible, very left-wing socialist policies, and then is trying to say something different to the voters and we need to have and honest conversation." Said Gray.

Ifland called the mailers irrelevant.

"He has a very strong attachment to very right-wing views that really don't represent the people of House District 57."

Voting closes in less than a week, so make sure to take the time ti vote on who you think will represent the district best.

We will continue to have coverage on this race and others through election day.