Candidate For Governor Sam Galeotos

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Six people have entered the election to become Wyoming's next governor five Republicans and one Democrat.

News 13's Justin Roth attended Sam Galeotos' press conference earlier Thursday and he shows us why Galeotos thinks he is a special candidate.

Its fair to say all Wyoming Governor candidates want to grow the economy. What differs is their methods to achieve that goal. A former U.S. Congressman believes one candidate's route is what we need to follow, "There is one candidate in this race that has the unique background and exception ability to do that and that's Sam Galeotos and that's why I couldn't resist I had to sign up and get involved." Former U.S. Congressman of Wyoming Cynthia Lummis endorsed Galeotos back in April, she goes on to say, "Wyoming just needs and exception leader right Wyoming deserves exception leadership and with Sam Galeotos we have that opportunity."

Galeotos is running in a crowded Republican primary, and all of them say they want to diversify Wyoming's economy. Galeotos' vision includes opening up technology especially in health care but also something new that just became law. He says, "Our legislator just opened the door for probably the next greatest technology were going to experience in cyber security, block chain. Developers are going to come here and we need to create and foster the environment but more importantly we need to have trained workers that need to be able to take the jobs the block chain is going to create."

And when pressed about the rights of the LGBTQ community and certain resolutions passed by towns and cities, he adds, "I think we have laws in place that support non-discrimination and really taking care of anybody. I would not be in favor of creating new laws that now somehow negatively impact people of other beliefs, were a free nation, everybody needs to believe what they believe."

Galeotos says he wants to support the existing industries first before exploring other ones such as solar energy, cyber security, or robotics.

Wyoming holds its primary elections Tuesday August 21st. Polls are open from 7 AM - 7 PM.