Gun Bills Pass Through the House; Next Up the Senate

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If you're hoping to carry your concealed firearm on a college or university campus in Wyoming, soon you may be able; the Campus Carry Bill passed the house Wednesday.

The bill is quite simple, if you have a concealed-carry permit you would be allowed to carry that firearm on any campus in Wyoming, the bill is simple but passing it was not.

There was a lot of debate on the bill and many amendments were added. One amendment, excluding large athletic events and major or controversial public speakers from the bill quickly failed.

Those for the bill said if a law-abiding citizen has a permit, they should be allowed to carry that firearm anywhere they go using both the US and Wyoming Constitution as their basis.

They also said someone with a gun on campus might stop a tragedy like a school shooting.

Those opposing the bill felt young people on campus are often under stress during college and it would be dangerous to allow these students to carry a gun. They also said these students aren't trained like police or security officers and would be unlikely to stop a school shooter.

Representative Bunky Loucks shared, “They would be vetted through that process of having that concealed carry permit and so not everyone can get one.”

Fellow Representative, James Byrd told News 13, “You can't convince me that a teacher or student needs to be armed any place on that campus.”

The bill now moves on to the Senate, Representative Loucks felt these kinds of bills have a history of failing in the Senate, but really hopes it will go through.

Another bill also passed the House; the Wyoming Repeal Gun Free Zones Act would allow anyone with a concealed-carry permit to have their firearm in a government meeting. That bill also moves to the Senate on Thursday.