Calculating Livable Wages Made Easier for Wyoming Families

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One in every five Wyoming household owners live below the poverty line according to the Wyoming Women’s' Foundation.

Casper locals discussed ways on Saturday to reduce the Natrona county poverty rate.

The Democratic Women’s' Forum held a talk over a "self-sufficient" study that had been conducted a year ago.

The study listed barriers for families like transportation, childcare and
cost of living.

Deanna Frey was an event speaker and says "I think what we have to do is educate ourselves and understand who the people are, what they’re trying to do and then what our community does to assist them but also barriers that may be in their way to being self-sufficient."

The study tools helped Wyomingites understand the necessary affordable rate for living in our community.

Families can enter demographics which help them know about earning self-sufficient incomes.

Speakers at Saturday’s event say this tool is also beneficial to employers.

A link to the 'self-sufficiency calculator' and report findings can be found to the right of this story.