Cab Shortage in Casper

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"One driver right now at night for each night", Garth Pabst, co-owner of Eagle Cab said.
And another service, Turbo Taxi has fewer cab drivers as well.
"We were trying to have two on during the night too to make sure we could pick up everybody as quickly as possible but the demand just wasn't there", Adesta Spier, Owner of Turbo Taxi said.
The economy has hugely affected the cab industry.
"Were down about 15% from where we were a year ago", Pabst said.
"We used to take a lot of the oil field workers to Glenrock to Arctic over there and that's gone way down", Spier said.
It's also hard to recruit cab drivers.
"It’s over $2400 dollars a year per car to put it on the road. The licensing is about 80 to 90 day process with the city of Casper", Pabst said.
"Cab drivers say the busiest time on a Friday or Saturday is of course at night so if you want a cab driver at a specific time call ahead, let’s go!", Jackie Wetzler with News 13 said.
"The problem is, is if you just bring somebody in just for that time they're not going to make really enough money to bring them in" Pabst said.
Even with the economy's downturn the cab business is still alive, just not as robust.
"The drivers are still making the money and we are too", Spier said.
"We just were busy everybody was busy I’m guessing Friday and I know we were, we were running about 30 min out", Pabst said.
Still, with this small call volume, both cab owners say they don't see Uber coming anytime soon to Casper.
Turbo Taxi is in need of a cab driver. Both Turbo Taxi and Eagle Cabs do participate in safe ride as well but keep in mind you can't make a reservation through safe ride.