New CPR Courses Offered in Riverton

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CPR instructors in Rivertron offered courses with new material which his proven to be more effective.

CPR Instructor Krista Edwards, “Tonight were teaching an American Heart Association Heart Saver CPR/AED course and that covers compressions, breathing, aed usage and choking for adults, children and infants.”

Edward said seventy percent of cardiac emergencies happen in the home.

"While there are so many trained personal that know CPR the likelihood of somebody having to do it on a loved one is really high."

Some attended the class for work and personal reasons.

Jennifer Medow, CPR student commented, “The last time I took it was about three years ago so I am out of certification and a couple things have changed since then. So for me personally it’s helpful because I get to know what those changes are and be able to utilize then properly when I’m ever in that situation.”

“The newest additions are the focus on deep chest compressions because they felt like people weren’t going deep enough for the chest compressions to be effective. So we really focus on doing chest compressions hard enough so it really puts pressure on the heart.”

The material is also easier.

“They’ve actually made CPR a lot easier because it’s the same for adults children and infants you are doing 30 compressions and two breaths all the way across the board instead of having to remember different numbers for everybody so it’s a little easier to remember now.”

Students also said you never know when you're going to use the skills, but they're handy to have.

“If you are in a situation like that, it’s worse to not know what to do than to not be able to do something at all.”

Instructors offer CPR courses twice a week for all ages.

Instructors will also offer first aid courses for those interested.