CATC System Faces Future Challenges as Cuts Loom

The Casper Area Transportation Coalition is set to undergo more budget cuts and elderly citizens and those with disabilities may worry they could lose their only means of transportation.

News 13's spoke with members of the coalition and heard reactions from those who use the program often.

Since 1979, the Casper Area Transportation Coalition or CATC has been providing bus rides to elderly citizens and those with disabilities.

The program has faced threats of service cuts in the years since and the new proposed cuts could severely cripple the program or shut it down entirely.

Those who use the bus often said they don't know what they'll do if the system goes away.

Mary Price at Wyoming Independent Living commented, “What will you do when you take off from work to take them to their appointments would you take off work to take them shopping so they have food, it's a much needed service."

Those who ride the CATC system said they use it to do things they wouldn't normally be able to get done.

John Wall, also at Wyoming Independent Living commented, “I use it to do my shopping, to do everything. If I didn't have the CATC bus, I don't know what I would be able to do.”

Many still wonder what will occur if the program is cut and some fear city council members will strip the money, taking away their only source of livelihood.

"If they cut the funding to us, it's like driving a coffin nail in our graves."

Many hope the program will continue to run.

Those at the meeting signed a petition to increase CATC funds which will be delivered to the city council June 12th.