C85 Job Fair Brings New Employment to Casper

As the Wonder Bar re-opening date draws near doors will also open for needed jobs along with other properties under the ownership of C85 Group.

Officials say the other properties under the C85 Group will also help bring business back to downtown.

News 13's Bobby Poitevint joins us live in the studio with how it will impact the local economy.

Bobby what did you hear about potential jobs with these places?
Frances I attended the last day of a four day job fair hosted by C85 Group.

People say they're excited for the anticipated openings of these businesses.

The wonder bar a historical icon for downtown Casper and It's expected to re-open this august along with the Pump Room and Branding Iron.
C85 Group representatives say the hiring process has been a success.

General Manager of The Wonder Bar Michelle Speicer says they have
"probably seen about fifty to hundred for each location. Lot of schedule interviews, a lot of walk-ins for all different positions. So has gone pretty well so far” and they add it's important to keep local jobs here.

"It’s gonna be great for Casper all of us managers the whole team that’s currently on board are all from Casper. No one came from outside of Casper and we're looking for people within Casper" says Richelle Eastlund with C85 Group.

Employers say they have seen nearly a hundred people come for each day of the job fair and they believe it'll have a big impact within the community.

"I feel great about it. It’s a good company for this community. They do a lot and we intend to spread that around a little and just as a whole team be a positive for Casper."

A Florida native also feels excited about starting a new job soon.

"Seek a new opportunity, that’s the reason why I came to Casper and I heard about this job fair that’s going on and they help people out with jobs and they get you on your feet so that’s kinda what I was looking for" says Brian Lindquist.

C85 officials tell me they're still hiring for all three locations.

They have plans to host more job fairs soon.

The Wonder Bar opening date is set for August 13th.

For more information about open positions with C85 group visit www.C85group.com