C-85 Establishments Aim to Transfer Liquor License to Cole Cercy

The exchange of liquor licenses between Casper businessman Tony Cercy and his son Cole Cercy was on Tuesday night’s Casper City Council's agenda.

News 13 attended the meeting to see how the exchange is to impact C-85 eateries such as the Pumproom and the Wonder Bar?

Council members and C-85 management say noticeable changes aren't likely.

Tony and Cole Cercy look to transfer Tony’s interest over to Cole making him sole interest holder.

Tuesday night Casper City Council set a date for the transfer of C-85's three retail liquor licenses for the Wonder Bar, the Pumproom and Galles Liquor Mart.

Councilwoman Kenyne Humphrey from Ward III said, “Council will have the opportunity to take the public input on the transfer of ownership and then council will vote as a body on whether or not to approve it."

"They don't have to give a reason this is a very routine matter. We don’t inquire on why they want to do it. If their paperwork is in order and it’s a lawful transfer then it’s usually voted on unanimously,” Councilman Dallas Laird from Ward II said.

C-85 staff say the transfer was in the works, as far back as last May.
Michelle Speiser, Wonder Bar said, "About nine months ago we put in for a transfer originally we put the liquor license under Tony’s name and we put in for a transfer to Cole just because Cole’s the owner of the company so paperwork wise and everything involved with C-85 it’s just easier when it’s under his name."

If the transfer is approved there shouldn’t be any noticeable changes to C-85 properties.

"We are just reassigning of the licenses so it won’t affect The Branding Iron, Pumproom anything like that."

Both council members Humphrey and Laird say they will vote yes on the possible transfer during the public hearing.

That public hearing is scheduled for February 20th.