Businesses Affected By Wind Damage

Recently, strong winds all over Casper have been a pain for a lot of people and businesses.

News 13 talked to people around Casper Wednesday afternoon to see how the wind has affected them.

After a night of brutally heavy winds, Shifter’s restaurant owner Todd Sheppard found his sign on the floor the next morning. Good thing he has insurance.

“From what I understand from insurance companies there's a lot of businesses around Casper don't carry sign insurance, but ours is so large, and it's quite an expensive piece, so we carry insurance on the signs,” said Sheppard.

Local insurance agent Mike Lougee says it’s important to make sure your car and personal properties are protected against wind damage.

“The coverage that is typically associated with wind coverage is sometimes called ‘other than collision’ or ‘comprehensive coverage’,” said Lougee.

That’s coverage for damage to your vehicle when a wind blows something into your car. Such as a shopping cart of a traffic sign.

“So you want to make sure you have that kind of comprehensive coverage and talk to your insurance company and make sure you're protected for something that could damage your car as the result of the wind,” said Lougee.

The City of Casper Street Division Supervisor says overall, they haven’t seen anything major happen due to wind damage.

“We do encourage the public, if you do see a sign, to call in and we'll get out there and get it replaced,” said Shad Rodgers.

Sheppard says Shifter’s Restaurant business has gone down 50% because of the missing sign.

“Mostly because at night we don't look open. A lot of folks don't know we're open because the sign is not on, and it looks pretty dark out here,” he said.

Sheppard hopes to get the sign replaced as soon as possible to get his regular customers back.

“Even though the sign's not there and still dark, we're definitely still open,” said Sheppard.

Agent Lougee says the most common damages they see with wind is damage to your roof.

So make sure you talk to your insurance agent to see if you have that covered.