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Stanford graduate and business professor Corey Billington , reminds people the key to solving problems is working smarter, not harder.

"What you tend to do is you have to go out and find other industries that do it well and look at what they do and then pick what works for you. If you do that enough, you have enough ideas that can fix your own problem” said Billington.

Rather than solving a problem on your own, you can usually find the same answer someone else already looked for. It's a simple method that is helping more than just his students.

Rotarian Richard Schwahn said, "He's helping the state of Wyoming as well with his open innovation ideas and how that is a model for business out here in Wyoming."

Dr. Billington's open innovation business practice is similar to that of google. If the answer is already there you don't necessarily have to solve it yourself, you just look it up.

Billington added, "We're taught to not copy. Oh it's bad to copy, no it's smart to copy just do it in an ethical way."

In his speech, Billington says his technique of finding answers on your own has proven to be nearly four hundred percent more effective than normal methods

He compares the process of his method to his serve in tennis.

The serve could use some work, but almost anyone can help show him what works best.