Bullfighting Champion from Meeteetse

Cody – The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association chose Dusty Tuckness as Bullfighter of the Year for the seventh year in a row. His job is to protect cowboys from a ton of fury, and he is happy to oblige.
The images from the Cody Enterprise and the PRCA are unbelieveable. The man from Meeteetse jumps between a fallen rider and a ton of charging bull. He saves the rider from injury, or even death.
He does it so well, the PRCA has chose him 2016 Bullfighter of the Year in Las Vegas recently.
When he’s not stepping between a raging bull and a downed rider, he’s competing in bullfighting contests. He jumps over the charging bull, frontwards, and backwards, in a backflip.
We found Tuckness teaching young bullfighters how to jump over bulls, and draw their advances at the Cody Stampede Rodeo Grounds last summer. We asked him about being the best at a very dangerous game.
He answered, “Bullfighting is a game of inches. One inch this way, or one inch this way could have predicted the outcome, worse, or better.”
Tuckness is from the tiny town of Meeteetse, just down the road from Cody. He’s been fighting bulls since he was a kid there. He takes his job of “protector” very seriously.
He remarked, “In cowboy protection, its something new every bull. You gotta expect the unexpected. Expect the worst and hope for the best.”
A lot of professional bull riders are very grateful for Tuckness’ split second protection, as he purposefully draws the bull away from them.
Amateur Bullfighter Bailey Ziehl came to Cody from Casper to learn from Tuckness last summer.
He said, “Dusty is the greatest, and I’ve always aspired to be like him.”
Ziehl was one of several young bullfighters who came to learn from the man who sacrifices his own safety for the bullrider.
Ziehl commented, “He steps in and says that bulls not going to hit that rider. I’m going to take the shot for him.”
A 16 Year Old Bullfighter from Jackson, Seth Wilson said, “It’s a blessing that he comes down here and helps me and every other kid out here.”
Tuckness is also quick to give credit to his creator and protector for his success. He is also grateful to a veteran bullfighter who taught him how to do it years ago.
Tuckness remarked, “I thank God every day for him. My dad has been a great supporter. He fought bulls and I kinda fell into his shoes.”
Tuckness received the 2016 Bullfighter of the Year award in Las Vegas, just before the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo started in December.