Brand USA Tours Casper

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Many people don't think Wyoming has a lot of attractions, but two international travelers thought differently. They've been traveling all over the state, and one stop was Casper.

They went to places like Rotary Park, the Bridle Trail, Casper Mountain, yoga rock, Wonder Bar, Lou Talbert’s, and Ugly Bug Fly Shop. They captured all these places to make in-language videos to attract international visitors from China and Germany. Both travelers had a great experience in Casper.

Brand USA host Meimei Wu said, “It's not hard but I challenged myself to climb on top of the yoga rock. The view under my eyes, it's really awesome."

Lucie Laura, also a Brand USA host, explained, "I feel really fortunate to have had this experience, and to be able to share that with people in Germany to promote tourism to these areas. They are absolutely beautiful, and there's no reason why there shouldn't be hordes of tourists pouring in."

Wyoming Office of Tourism and Visit Casper staff will distribute the videos on their own marketing channels as well as Brand USA’s distribution site.