Brain Food and Awareness

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For the first time, the Kansas City Barbecue Society will have a tournament in downtown Casper, Wyoming. Yellowstone Garage staff will host the barbecue event, but this isn't just a food-eating ordeal.

"We got to talking about other things we might add into it [fundraiser] and a barbecue competition came up, and it exploded from there,” said Dawn Lacko, Executive Director of Brain Injury Alliance of Wyoming.

Brain Injury Alliance members team up with the Barbecue Society to raise money, awareness, and promote safety in the community.

"I know it's going to be successful, but I hope that it continues on and continues to grow,” mentioned Brett Osborne, a member of the local Casper team competing in the event. “Most importantly, we're just getting more money for the cause."

Live music, plenty of food, and tons of friendly competition will be under way as each team bastes, grills, and sears the rest of the competition.

"It needed to be a full Kansas City Barbecue Society sanctioned event,” said Lasko. “It's also a Rocky Mountain Cup event, and so this is a big barbecue competition tomorrow."

Through a Calcutta on Friday night, money was raised to not only create prizes for the winning team, but provide donations for the Brain Injury Alliance.

"Casper has always been a great community for giving, and once again, we're showing it here,” claimed Osborne.

With events like the barbecue-off, everybody wins.